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Your Dream Wedding Afloat

This experience includes

Twinkling Light Decorations

As the sun sets, the yacht is adorned with a cascade of gentle, twinkling lights. These soft glimmers spread a cozy warmth over your gathering, setting a mood of pure romance that will stay with you forever in your memories.

Bouquet of Everlasting Love

As you step onto the deck, you’ll be welcomed by a bouquet of the most beautiful flowers, a tribute to the beauty of your journey together. Carefully and artistically arranged, these blooms represent the flourishing love that binds you on this extraordinary day.

A Slice of Bliss

Enjoy a wedding cake that’s more than just a dessert—it’s a masterpiece designed for your special moment. Every bite is a taste of love, marking the sweet start of your journey together. This cake symbolizes the delightful adventures that lie ahead in your new chapter.


Our wedding on the105 Broward Yacht was a dream come true! The yacht’s opulence, the breathtaking views, and the attentive crew made our special day truly magical. SPYG ensured every detail was perfect, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Thank you for making our wedding unforgettable!

Mia Johnson

Attended a wedding on the 55′ Catamaran by SPYG, and it was a unique and breathtaking experience! The catamaran provided a spacious and elegant setting, the crew was attentive, and the coastal views during the ceremony were simply stunning.

Oliver Davis

A heartfelt thank you for turning our wedding vision into reality! Our intimate wedding aboard the 75′ Viking Yacht with SPYG was everything we dreamed of and more. The yacht’s cozy atmosphere, the personalized service, and the flexibility SPYG offered in planning our day made it truly special.

Isabella Martinez

Celebrated a family wedding on the 85′ yacht, and it was a celebration for the books! The yacht was perfect for accommodating our close-knit group, the crew treated us like family, and the coastal backdrop made for stunning photos. SPYG made it a seamless and joyous occasion for our family!

Ethan Thompson

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