Beneteau 8

This yacht provided us with a fantastic day on the water. The crew was friendly, and the yacht was well-maintained. We did […]

Beneteau 7

We had a really good time! The boat was smaller, so it felt kind of like our own private party with friends […]

Beneteau 6

Just chillin’! The trip was set up for max relaxation. Whether we were on deck or feeling the boat sway, every bit […]

Beneteau 5

The smart crew had all sorts of cool stories about Puerto Vallarta. It wasn’t just a ride; it was like a storybook […]

Beneteau 4

Adventure in comfort! I would say that this trio was a mix of excitement with chill vibes. Sailing felt like a big […]

Beneteau 3

Easy-breezy sailing on this yacht! It was looked after and the crew were pros. The wind was just right, and we got […]

Beneteau 2

Feeling all fancy on this yachts! The insides were super posh, and the crew was really nice. Sailing felt like a big […]

Beneteau 1

Our time on the 46′ in Puerto Vallarta was like something out of a dream. The colours of the sunset reflecting on […]