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Anniversary Yacht Celebration

This experience includes

Sweet Memories

As you step on board, be greeted by the aroma of a specially crafted anniversary cake, a delicious masterpiece honoring the years of love you’ve cherished. Every bite is a celebration of your enduring bond, a testament to the sweetness that continues to thrive.

A Festive Atmosphere

The yacht turns into a lively canvas, decked out with balloons and decorations that capture the joy in the air. Whether it’s refined touches or cheerful splashes of color, each detail is carefully arranged to establish a festive atmosphere, providing the ideal backdrop for celebration.

Champagne Toast to Forever Memories

Lift your glasses to the moments that have woven your story together. The champagne glistens, honoring the countless shared experiences and the anticipation of many more. This toast is a tribute to the love that knows no limits.


Our anniversary on the 46′ Benetau with SPYG was just perfect! It felt like a dream – the yacht was spacious, the crew was so chill, and watching the sunset together was magical.

Ava Cooper

We threw a family bash for our anniversary on the 47′ Pajot, and it was a blast! The yacht had room for everyone, the crew treated us like family, and cruising along the coast was just the vibe we needed. SPYG made our family celebration easy and unforgettable. Props to them for keeping the whole crew happy!

Mariana B.

For our anniversary, we went for the coastal adventure on Sea Owl with SPYG – it was epic! The yacht was sleek, we could go wherever we wanted along the coast, and the crew made it feel like a personalized adventure. I’m so glad we did something different and memorable!

Aiden Carter

I surprised my partner with an anniversary celebration on the 50′ yacht, and it was a major success! The yacht had this cozy vibe, the surprise worked like a charm, and the crew was awesome. SPYG helped me nail the surprise, and the whole day felt like a scene from a romantic movie.

Ulises R

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