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26’ Sea Ray

Rates From:  $1130 USD | Maximum: 8 people 

Where the boat lives: Marina Vallarta

Embarking on a maritime escapade aboard a 26-ft Sea Ray on Banderas Bay offers an intimate and exhilarating exploration of Puerto Vallarta’s coastal charm.

The sleek design of the Sea Ray ensures agile navigation through the bay’s azure waters, creating an ideal setting for a thrilling yet intimate sailing experience. With a compact yet comfortable deck, guests can savor the warmth of the Mexican sun and relish in the coastal breezes.

The Sea Ray’s versatile size makes it perfect for discovering hidden coves and secluded beaches, providing an immersive encounter with the beauty of Banderas Bay in a setting of maritime simplicity and enjoyment.

Trip Inclusions

Our standard drinks package

Water + Ice

Extra Cost

$500 USD

We will verify availability and inform you if the selected pickup option is accessible.


Best day in PV!!  Seamless planning, beautiful boat, fun captain. The best way to see the all the things away from the crowds.

Jessica Baucom

This was hands down the best part of our trip. Staff was amazing, food was delicious. All around best time.

Vivien Paragi

Service was amazing!! Food was delicious. Can’t say enough good things about the crew. We had an amazing time

Laura Girgis

It was an amazing experience from start to finish.

Brian Bernacki